Who is Al-Amal

Al Amal For Development & Social Care is a Lebanese Association Founded in 2008 According to a permit issued by the Interior Ministry in the Lebanese Republic It carries the notification no. (22176) As a humane society that cares for People with disabilities and their families, providing them with Social services health and care services Regardless of gender religion or race geography

Our goals

Al Amal For Development & Social Care Association aims to


  • Rehabilitate the persons with disabilities Psychologically physically and skillful

  • Integrate and enable persons with disabilities

  • Spread awareness of their rights and ensure their access to full and appropriate care

  • Consolidate the psychological and economic conditions of the families of persons with disabilities

  • Spread the culture of accepting persons with disabilities in the society

 They paid with their bodies a heavy human tax, which has extinguished the light in their eyes, isolated their hearing from the world, stole parts of their bodies, or robbed them of their mental perception ability…

Yet they are clinging to hope…

While Al-Amal is clinging to its commitment to provide them With support in all its forms, so they may continue walking along life’s path, their society benefiting from their abilities.